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Thoughts about the future… Can we survive as a species?

     Tonight I am taking a moment to type a quick thought about the future. I am completely dismayed about the future of The United States. I have been speaking with a lot of people lately, young and old. I am stunned that so many people are completely uninformed about what is going on. They are experts about things that do not matter, such as sports or some new celebrity gossip. But they roll their eyes or get this dazed look on their face when you speak about a real, hard-hitting, significant problem. I tell people about how genetically modified foods cause gigantic tumors in rats and even show them the article and photos on my phone. They look and are immediately disgusted. They ask a few questions but then never again ask questions or bring up the subject later. It’s as if it never happened. I am not sure what causes people to have such a disconnection from reality that they ignore immediate life-threatening dangers such as that. It’s right there. People in full-body suits and face masks studying rats in a near-sterile environment, free from any potential contamination from the rats themselves or from the humans to the rats. Yet people ignore it. Because its not a train racing down a track head-on. It’s something silent. Its something invisible. It’s something undetectable. Therefore they do not see it as a threat. Or perhaps they are just lazy dimwits. Expecting someone else to solve their problems for them. Expecting someone else to stand up and become what they should have been all along. Someone who cares. Someone who will devote time and energy to help others. But instead, its more fun and exciting for them to get onto facebook and have “play time” through a virtual conduit of artificial social-interaction. So called social-interaction. How can a species survive when faced with countless dangers? A psychopathic elite who wants to destroy and they have every option at their disposal. From “Soft-kill” (Genetically modified foods, roundup, poisons in the air, water, food, electronics, EMF radiation, etc) to severe dangers such as nuclear war, chemical or biological weapons.

I urge them not to believe me. I tell them “If you really want to know whats going on, dont take my word for it. I might be well-read compared to some Americans but research it for yourself. Come to your own conclusion. Verify it.” But they never do. They are either too busy or if they have any down time, they consume that time with self-indulgences. Such as Television. I will save the topic of TV for a later time.