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Illegals such as the ones in this photo are costing you and I $1.6 BILLION PER YEAR. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Another F.Y.I. while you are asleep at the wheel: Los Angeles County spends $1.6 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR OF TAX PAYER MONEY ON ILLEGALS!

A quote from the news article above: “When you add the $550 million for public safety and nearly $500 million for healthcare, the total cost for illegal immigrants to county taxpayers exceeds $1.6 billion dollars a year,” Antonovich said in a statement. “These costs do not even include the hundreds of millions of dollars spent annually for education.

The $1.7 billion Endeavor at Los Angeles photo taken by SuperiorMorality

The $1.7 billion Endeavor at Los Angeles (Photo Credit: SuperiorMorality)

To put that in perspective, the [bleeping] Space Shuttle Endeavor cost $1.7 billion to build. That’s right. The illegal aliens cost about as much as a space shuttle every year. Consider the fact that the Space Shuttle is a nationally funded program and then think about the fact that only 10 million people in Los Angeles county pay on average $160 per year, per person to the illegal aliens through taxes. The Space Shuttle program is completely dead. The United States has no manned space program anymore. Only “planned” missions in the distant future.

Why don’t we get rid of the illegals draining this country then start another space program and take our civilization to the stars? Of course, a lot of people would call me racist for saying that. For people who know me, that is an invalid argument, I am anything but racist. Please see Martin Luther King in my “Inspired By” section. The fact is: The United States is a steam-valve for Mexico. The people of Mexico need to take their country back from the corrupt murdering scum who run their country. The people of Mexico deserve better. If the United States actually enforced immigration law, securing the border and physically deporting all illegals in the United States, I have a feeling that the people of Mexico would be better off. How? Because they would be forced into a corner against the corrupt and they would finally take action. Then, it is possible that Mexico could become a free country. At least, more free than it is now.

Meet psycho-killer-cop in Keith Sandy.

Meet psycho-killer-cop Keith Sandy.

Just an FYI, while you were watching your favorite sports team, favorite T.V. show or whatever you do in your “free time” (read: “squandered time”) a mentally-ill homeless man was murdered. He was murdered by someone who was paid with your tax money. He was murdered by someone in a department that you have a voice in. He was murdered by someone who’s training and funding is ultimately accountable to you. But you’re away. You are too busy to even hear about this, let alone be informed and care about what happened.

A homeless man was killed by police armed to the teeth with military weaponry. These are not police anymore, these are lethal-killers with no hesitation training. They practice almost everyday at their job to kill you and your family. This psycho-killer-cop, this trained murderer, trained assassin, Keith Sandy, made a threat to co-workers about how he wants to shoot a mentally-ill homeless man in the penis after calling him a “fucking lunatic”. At the time of this writing, he is on paid leave, at home and is armed.


Senator Dianne Feinstein holding up a gun that she and others in the Gub’ment can’t wait to make illegal for you and me. But where is the bloody-shirt-waving for the mentally-ill homeless man murdered by police using these guns? Will the police even be held accountable to the law when they kill anyone with this gun?

These police brought the dreaded, “scary”, assault-rifles to confront a homeless man for “illegal camping”. After a few hours of talking, they decided to literally wage war against one man. They threw a flash bang grenade at him in a successful attempt to escalate the situation. Who would throw such a thing right next to someone if you want them to surrender? That is going to scare the hell out of anyone. It’s going to confuse them. It’s going to put them in fear for their lives. Flash bang grenades are extremely dangerous and have severely injured many children.


Sen. Dianne Feinstein after Sandy Hook. Waving the bloody flag, showing the dead children’s faces for her agenda against the 2nd Amendment. But will she add James Boyd’s picture as he was murdered by an ‘assault weapon’ that was used by police?

Think about this situation for a moment. If you were caught on camera, making a remark about how you’d like you to “shoot this fucking lunatic in the penis” and a short time later, you end up shooting that “lunatic” to death, what would happen to you? Would you be arrested? Would charges be filed against you? Would you be put in jail pending a trial? If you’re not employed by a police department, you probably would be in jail for murder. But since you’re a cop? You are extremely well protected. And there is a likely possibility that you will never have to pay for the crime of premeditated murder. Dianne Feinstein was quick to jump on the opportunity to ban “scary assault rifles” after a school shooting. However, you will never see her talk about disarming the militarized police even when the police outright murder someone.