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Wow. It has been awhile since I have watched The Daily Show. There is a lot of pointless clowning around on this show. I can’t bare to watch it anymore. Last time I used to watch that show was 2007. John Stewart used to mock “mainstream media” for pitching softball questions to political leaders all the time. Then he would rip them apart and say what he would really ask them. Then he gets Tony Blair on his show and does the same thing and I just turned it off forever. He was a hypocrite. John Stewart caters to a dwindling, dying audience. Who watches TV anymore? He takes clips from TV networks I haven’t watched in a decade and he acts like they’re all relevant and that he’s “in” (hip) by covering how much they suck. Well, John… you suck too. You suck bad. And I want to make the point: Even if global warming is real, we can’t let government take over (as they’re already trying to do) because all they will do is put limits on everything and turn us into a 3rd world hell hole. Our infrastructure will be destroyed. Agenda 21 will be complete. 99.9% of Americans will live in poverty “to save the earth” while a decadent elite will run the world (just like “Hunger Games”). So lets say we cut emissions by 100% by say, 2050 or whatever, China and India and all these other polluters will be creating tons and tons of pollution and emissions. With no limits. China’s smog and pollution can already be seen from space by the naked eye. Beijing looks like Silent Hill with the pollution. Who’s going to put limits on them? It sure won’t be the communist dictatorship that will do that. Goodnight forever, John Stewart. TV is dead.